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The Best Bay Area Security Companies

By Mike Rolla - June 2013

The San Francisco Bay Area, alone, is home to over 300 Private Security Companies! So which one's are rated the best security companies in the bay area, and which one's do we recommend? Well, if you're seeking the answer to some of those questions or are in the market shopping for a good security guard company to hire, we have some valuable information just for you!


Here are the Top Bay Area Security Guard Companies that we recommend and why:


 Ranked #1:  California Private Patrol  (855-CRIME-11)

California Private PatrolHands down the fastest online quote response system - period! When we say fast, we mean really fast, in 4 hours or less. We have not come across anyone even close, and we've submitted a few to different companies, some have still yet to get back to us. This Private Security Company is a very strong up and comer, but they are not new to the business! These guys are the real deal, meaning that most of them are law enforcement officers in some way or another. The company itself is owned and operated by Philip Carvalho, who is also a former San Francisco Police Officer, and a former U.S. Department of Defense Police Officer. Their Officers are polished and courteus professionals who definitely know what they are doing. When these guys show up, whether it's for a client business meeting, or to work a post assignment, you know right away that they mean business. They have a very close knit family of officers, who are loyal, well trained, and well compensated. Hiring California Private Patrol is like hiring the Police to protect you or your business, and it practically is. Their officers don't just show up and stand around, unliess that's all you want them to do, they do so much more. You get some seriously trained professionals, excellent customer service, remarkable and valuable information on preventative measures, along with their memorable security service. To top it off, you get professional styled daily activity reports, police styled reports for arrests and criminal activity, a client login portal for recurring accounts, to track officers reports in 'near-realtime', and much more. Their service is something to be seen and to experience, to fully understand.


 Ranked #2:  K-Dubb Security  (415-467-4900)

K-Dubb SecurityIf you're looking for some night club security or concierge hotel security, you may want to give these guys a call. They've been around for quite some time and have been in the night club scene for many years. 30+ Club, 450 Barneveld, Club Cocomo's, and more. They have a pretty impressive hotel client list in San Francisco as well. All-in-all, they are a very well maintained and streamlined security company offering many other security services.


 Ranked #3:  Jackson Arms  (650-588-4209)

Jackson ArmsAlthough this is not a Private Security Company, we had to mention them because they offer excellent Security Guard & Security Officer Firearms Training Courses. A great percentage of the Bay Areas Security Guards who get trained, train at this facility which is conveniently located right off the 101 freeway in South San Francisco. The Range Master and Head Training Instructor, Brian Normandy, is a former San Francisco Police Officer and Former U.S. Department of Defense Lieutenant. Does that sound somewhat familiar? Yes, you guessed correct, He and the owner of California Private Patrol are good friends from the Police Department. Nonetheless, if you are thinking of getting your guard card, firearms permit, baton permit, or pepper spray permit, this is the training facility you will want to give a call for your certification. The prices are very reasonable and affordable, and they also offer free firearm rentals for their firearms courses just in case you do not have a firearm yet. Sweet! Brian Normandy is highly knowledgable and has been training for years. He offers 7 classes: A novice shooter's package, mini lessons, private lessons, handgun safety certification, personal protection/defensive firearms training, security officer training, and N.R.A certified & hunter safety courses. From beginner to advanced courses, there is something for everyone.


 Ranked #4:  Personal Protective Services   (650-344-3302)

PPSLooking for a Marine Boat to Patrol the Harbor, Your Yacht, Island, or Castle? These guys are one of the first Security Companies in California to own and operate their very own 30-ft. marine patrol craft which is fully staffed and equipped with the latest technological gadgets! they also do a host of other private security services, and specialize in private investigative services like accident investigations, background checks, and workforce surveillance.


 Ranked #5:  Valiant Private Security   (408-649-8386)

Valiant Private SecurityRounding out our top 5 Security Companies in the Bay Area is Valiant Private Security. VPS is a proactive security guard company who provides a wide range of security services, but heavily focuses on armed security accounts. They also have fairly reasonable rates, and can instantly handle an alarm installation for your business.



We tried to provide you with a list of well rounded security services stemming from mobile patrol to alarm installation, all the way through armed firearms training to marine boat patrol. Pricing, quality of officers, customer service, accountability, and competency was all taken into consideration when reviewing and recommending these private security companies, and they all passed straight across the board with flying colors!


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